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Advancare leads the way in virtual care by creating a platform for comprehensive, on-demand healthcare monitoring and analysis with IoT health sensors.

Athena Industrial Services

Athena provides 3D imaging technology using electro-magnetics for the characterization of surface defects of conductive materials.


CardGio is an innovative software developer for wellbore and pipeline integrity analysis, casing corrosion, and deformation identification.

Cold Bore Technology

Cold Bore provides its sonic technology to the oil and gas industry to revolutionize accuracy, efficiency, and capability.

Crux OCM

Crux OCM is a solution provider that has an advanced process control platform which addresses flow, power, and DRA optimization for liquids pipelines.


Provides building owners with the ability to assess a wide range of energy efficiency technology options and target the most effective projects.


Flokk provides services and devices that affordably integrates information collection with field operations, ensuring current and accurate management information and regulatory reporting.

Fluid Insight

Full life cycle optimization platform with a unique layer of insights created using intelligent sensor networks and machine learning algorithms to provide…


Delivering real-time and portable water quality analysis to detect heavy metals and other contaminants.

Hyjack Energy Services

Designs, builds, and operates hybrid well servicing rigs.


We increase safety, security, manageability, and profitability through better wireless communication and remote monitoring and control solutions.

Intelligent Wellhead Systems

Saving Lives, Saving Money, Saving the Environment


At LUXMUX, we develop and manufacture rugged, compact, stable laser and light sources for scientific research and industry.

Modern Wellbore Solutions

Modern has a methodology and downhole tool that allows the fracking of multilateral wells.


Centralizes equipment-related data in an organized, hosted, multi-user database accessible from anywhere there’s internet.


A wearable personal safety alert device for people who work alone or in unsafe conditions.


AI driven intelligent visual monitoring for industrial operations. Manage your operations efficiently remotely while cutting costs and mitigating risk.


The automated RazerLift cargo management system protects workers from soft tissue injury; saving employees’ shoulders and backs, and decreasing lost work time…

SawBack Technologies

Sawback Technologies is a remote-sensing company which utilizes proprietary ground penetrating sensor technology enabling data collection and analytics from complex-operating environments including…


Skymatics analyzes geospatial data to deliver actionable insights in oil and gas, agriculture, construction and more.

Stream Systems

Solve business challenges with a system-level approach to assets and supply chain in the cloud.


VEERUM is a SaaS company that matches innovative technologies with capital project delivery to help its clients build a better world.

Vintri Technologies

Vintri Technologies is the leading supplier of material traceability and data integrity in the pipeline industry.

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