Supporting the growth of high-potential startups

Zone Startups is an accelerator program supported by successful entrepreneurs and finance leaders. We constantly evaluate early stage technology companies, bringing them into our program.

What kind of startups are compelling to us? We’re looking for powerful teams and ideas, and companies ready for the vigour of product validation and customer acquisition.

What we deliver to startups

Product validation and customer development

For startups looking to establish traction and drive growth, we provide the structure and guidance to have their products resonate with target audiences.

A global network of corporate partners

Startups can establish relations to pursue partnerships, business development, and investment opportunities.

Insight from mentors and advisors

Access entrepreneurs and industry experts who have first-hand experience in building and growth businesses.

Access to Seed Capital

For high-potential startups, Zone Startups can help companies find seed investments and support activities to raise additional capital.

Our focus

Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Usage

Technologies and business models that empower energy users to deliver a lower cost or improved solution.

Focus areas include distributed power generation, grid management and control, demand-side solutions, renewable energy generation, energy storage technologies and traditional generation enhancements.

Oil & Gas

Innovations that improve drilling and completions, maximize oil field recovery, clean hard-to-treat water, reduce environmental footprint, accelerate natural gas utilization, and improve the digital oil field.

Technologies that enhance the lifespan and safety of pipeline systems, including advanced materials, integrity analysis, and advanced leak detection system.

Smart Buildings and Smart Cities

Innovations that reduce energy consumption for buildings and cities, and provide new services based on sensors, controls, and big data. Examples include lighting, building controls, location services and video analytics.


Health tech improves the way our health system and practices work, through the use of technologies like databases, applications, and wearables. With a growing need for health solutions, these innovations can occur with hospitals, insurance providers, pharmaceuticals, consumers, and even government.


Advancements and new technologies that aid in every stage of the agricultural process. Examples include irrigation, computer monitoring systems, self-steer programs, and improved biological processes.

Clean Technologies

Technologies that create environmental benefits such as reduced emissions (including carbon dioxide, methane, and particulates), water usage, and waste generation, along with more efficient use of natural resources.

Technology platforms

The portfolio companies are commercializing products, services and/or business models that offer software-based solutions or associated hardware, including sensors, displays, mobile devices, and more. They collect and analyze data in order to inform and predict, using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Technology platforms of specific interest include businesses building solutions on GE’s Predix Cloud Platform and:


Protecting and managing connected assets and their data through threat protection, detection, and mitigation.

Cloud and Infrastructure

Developing the infrastructure to provision and manage a connected enterprise through machine-to-machine communications, controls, cloud services, and data center management.

Industrial Analytics

Capturing and managing data throughout its lifecycle, starting with ingestion, tagging, and tracking. Prediction or optimization based on the data, greater exploration of the data through visualization and collaboration, and surfacing insights through analytics and applications.

User Experience

Extending mobile interfaces into consumable information for workers across an industrial enterprise through computer vision, augmented and virtual reality, and wearables.

Select Accelerator Perks

In addition to the programming, market access, mentors, potential investment, and workspace, we have partnered with the following companies to provide discounts on pricing for our startups.
Google Cloud

Our startups have access to Google Cloud's Spark Package, including Cloud and Firebase credit, access to Google engineers during office hours, and invitations to local startup events.


Ryerson Futures is an approved HubSpot for Startups partner. Our companies have access to startup-friendly pricing, a growing network of founders, education and demos, and more.


iDeals offers our startups a significant free trial period to share documents securely with a variety of features to customize access to confidential materials.

Startups in the Program

Through ZSC, Stream connected with major corporations from industry, targeted investors, and other entrepreneurs in the industrial startup space. The experience helped Stream refine our message, target our growth, and open the door to numerous opportunities.

– Allan Chegus | Founder, Stream Systems

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