Startups in the Program

Athena Industrial Services

Athena provides 3D imaging technology using electro-magnetics for the characterization of surface defects of conductive materials.

Cold Bore Technology

Cold Bore provides its sonic technology to the oil and gas industry to revolutionize accuracy, efficiency, and capability.


Delivering real-time and portable water quality analysis to detect heavy metals and other contaminants.

Golden Environmental Mat Services

Provides environment-protecting access and rig mats for remote industrial areas.

Intelligent Wellhead Systems

Saving Lives, Saving Money, Saving the Environment


LUXMUX characterizes the composition of substances using near-infrared light to provide cost-effective solutions for the energy, health, and environment sectors.

Maxfleet Solutions

Modern Wellbore Solutions

Modern developed a methodology and downhole tool that allows that fracking of multilateral wells.


Centralizes equipment-related data in an organized, hosted, multi-user database accessible from anywhere there’s internet.

Osprey Informatics

Intelligent visual monitoring for the oil and gas industry.

Stream Systems

Letting energy companies identify, assess, and reduce system bottlenecks by providing planning and an optimization toolkit.


IIoT technology that eradicates rework from capital projects.

Vintri Technologies

Vintri Technologies is the leading supplier of material traceability and data integrity in the pipeline industry.

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